Customers can choose either Pratt Whitney

According to Fancher, the new version will be 25 percent more efficient that similarly sized aircraft today, thanks to a combination of the larger size, engine configuration and the high-efficiency wing design, and will be the most efficient jetliner in history. Design has already started and flight test is anticipated for 2017, with first delivery in 2018. Also discussed at the same press conference was the revamped 777, which will be introduced with a larger “4th generation” composite wing. Fancher says the new wing is based on the 787’s wing design, and will be made with the same materials and aero characteristics.Meanwhile, Boeing’s rival Airbus diverted its first flying A350 XWB to the show on Friday 21, during its third test flight, for a dramatic wheels-up flyby. The aircraft had completed its first flight only seven days previously. The flyover was witnessed by French president Francois Hollande, who arrived at Le Bourget on an Airbus Military A400M aircraft, from Villacoublay French Air Force Base, southwest of Paris. According to Airbus, it booked $68.7 billion in orders for 466 aircraft at the show. That figure comprised Memoranda of Understanding for 225 aircraft and firm purchase orders for 241 aircraft worth $39.3 billion.
The recent resurgence in Russian aviation was reflected in the large presence of United Aircraft Corp. (UAC, Moscow, Russia), an umbrella company that includes 23 companies and design bureaus, among them Sukhoi Co. and Irkut Corp. In a formal ceremony on Tuesday morning, the first Sukhoi SSJ100 Superjet for a western customer was presented to Mexican airline Interjet. Later the same day, Irkut held a press event to showcase its narrow-body MS-21 commercial jet, with an airframe made up of 30 percent composites including a vacuum-infused wing produced by Irkut’s AeroComposit center of excellence using Hexcel’s (Stamford, Conn.) HiTape dry carbon out-of-autoclave reinforcements in an automated layup process. Customers can choose either Pratt¬ Whitney or United Engine Corp. (part of UAC) engines. According to Oleg Demchenko, Irkut’s president, “The MC-21 provides more passenger personal space than the 787 or the A350 XWB.” With the design frozen, the aircraft is entering production now, and testing is underway. First flight is scheduled for 2015. AeroComposit’s president Anatoly Gaydanskiy says the composite wing was designed with a high aspect ratio for better aero performance, and the lightest possible weight for the aircraft: “We have made substantial progress on new technology.”

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